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Auto Lemon Can Your States Lemon Law Help You?

(Submited by: Charles Essmeier )

Buying a car is not like buying a radio; you cannot return it to the store for a refund if you do not like it, or if it has a manufacturing defect. In fact, for many years, if you purchased an automobile that came from the factory with defects, ... Read article

Got a Lemon? - Lemon Law Facts!

(Submited by: Tyler D Falls )

Most people when the think of the word lemon, they think the sour, tangy and yellow fruit. What some people dont know is that the word "lemon" also has a slang meaning that has become very popular over the years, especially in the automotive ... Read article

Class Action Lawsuits and Unethical Settlements

(Submited by: Dr. Michael A. S. Guth )

AN INVITATION FOR CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS TO ENGAGE IN UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Copyright 2004 by Michael A. S. Guth. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this article, including this web page, may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, or ... Read article

Understanding The Lemon Law

(Submited by: Kim Neal )

Are you a victim of a lemon law violator? If so, you have many rights that can protect you. Lemon laws were established to help protect the consumer against the purchase of a bad product. For an example, lets use cars. If you purchase a car ... Read article

Auto Lemon Laws Do You Need A Lawyer?

(Submited by: Charles Essmeier )

Buying a new automobile is usually a bid decision for most people, and it involves a lot of time, research and most of all, money. If you are going to be paying for something for five years or more, you will generally take your time, do your ... Read article

Lemon Law Basics

(Submited by: John Lee )

Lemon laws are laws to protect consumers who purchase defective automobiles. For example, if you buy a new or used car and then find out the car has a serious problem that is not fixable, the manufacturers is requested by lemon law to buy back or ... Read article

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