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Getting the Most Juice in Your California Lemon Law

It is a consumers right to return a defective product that he has purchased. The US legislative and justice system through the California Lemon Law recognizes this right in auto buyers, who may risk life and limb for one defect in their car.

The California Lemon Law allows new and used car buyers to demand for refund or replacement when the cars that they have purchased have been proven to be defective. Here are some tips that will help you get the most juice from your lemon.

1. Never let the manufacturer or dealer discourage you

The California Lemon Law provides guidelines by which you can determine if your car qualifies. A car is considered a lemon under the California Lemon Law if it has been repaired four times and the defect has not been fixed within the period of 18 months or 18,000 miles whichever comes first. Two repair attempts are given to defects that may cause injury or death.

2. Know your rights

Research the guidelines provided by the California Lemon Law and decide for yourself if what you have is a lemon. Dont let some scrupulous salespersons fool you into not filing a complaint or selling your car to them at a loss. There are a lot of websites in the Internet that could provide you with relevant information on California Lemon Law.

3. Read your manual

Dont let that manual gather dust in one of your drawers. Know everything about your car especially the things that you cannot do with or to it. Take care of your car and follow the manual to the letter. Otherwise the manufacturer could blame the problem on your poor use. Remember that though the California Lemon Law protects your right, you have to prove that the defect has not been caused by you.

4. Dont waste time

Remember that the California Lemon Law provides a deadline for complaints. Dont wait for the last minute to file yours.

5. Take it to authorized service center

In having your car repaired, make sure that you go only to authorized service centers to ensure that the car is repaired properly. Under the California Lemon Law, buyers should have the defect repaired by the manufacturer through its service centers and at least inform the manufacturer of the need for repair.

6. Keep records

Never fail to ask for proper documentations, even if the center has not seen anything wrong with your car. Those are needed when you file a complaint under the California Lemon Law. So, it is important that your complaints be documented from the onset. Make sure also that when they do give you a receipt or record, the information is complete and accurate.

7. Put it in black and white

Send a letter of complaint. This is one way to legally give notice to your problem under the California Lemon Law. Inform them of the problem and outline the number of repairs that you have done. If possible, send it over through certified mail to make sure that they did receive it.

8. Know your options and seek advice

Most car companies have arbitration program that take care of Lemon Law complaints in California. If arbitration does not work, you can always seek legal counsel. Remember that arbitration decisions are not final and some companies even give a quick refund when a lawyer gets involve.

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